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Gold Jewelry Seller Guide

Selling Your Gold Jewelry

So you have decided to sell your gold jewelry. You have gold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and even gold collectibles or coins. You know gold is valuable but you don’t know how to take advantage of that gold value. As you have probably guessed, many people will take your gold off your hands. That is probably not difficult. In fact, many highly questionable buyers are not technically violating the law. They are just taking advantage of you.

Pitfalls Of Not Knowing How To Sell Gold Jewelry

avoiding problems and rips offs when selling gold

The pitfalls of not knowing how to sell gold jewelry can hurt you. They can cost you untold amounts of money. They can also allow people who are not treating gold sellers fairly a chance to prosper and continuously hurt others. And what is sad is many people may not even know they are being cheated. They key is to know what you are doing, have a plan, know the value of what you have, and find a reputable gold or jewelry buyer.

Assessing Their Value

Knowing the value of what your jewelry is worth sounds like it should be relatively easy. There are websites that can tell you the price of gold. There are professional appraisers. There are comparison sites showing you the price of what everything on the planet is worth. Amazon, Ebay, Jewelry Stores, And Superstore sites are just some of the places that list prices to give you an idea of what something is worth.

But you probably have encountered a few problems with this reality. First of all, how much time do you have to do this. Are you going to spend hours sifting through mountains of information. Do you want to ship your jewelry back and forth to send to buyers online. Do you really want to pay a professional appraiser to look at your jewelry. Will the prices listed, be the prices people would actually pay. All of these are valid concerns so here are a few simple things you can do to at least improve this process.

Be Patient And Act Local In The Pursuit Of Assessing What Your Gold Jewelry Is Worth

how to sell gold jewelry

Maybe a better strategy is to apply patience and keep the process local. Map out multiple local buyers of the jewelry or gold items you want to sell. Check their reputation online and read through them. Check the longevity of the gold buying stores as well. Then begin your trek to get quotes on your gold items. I would visit at least three places to make sure you are getting a reasonable price. Yes you could travel the ends of the Earth and read 50,000 pages of material to get top dollar. But this strategy will give you a local market price without dedicating the rest of your life to selling your gold jewelry.

Gold Seller Landmines

Avoid online

Between packaging our valuables, or vetting the credentials of your buyer I am deeply skeptical of online jewelry buyers. It is just too easy to get ripped off and plenty of people willing to do it.

One Of The Most Prolific Scams

You will see many scams and rip off artists out there. One of the most devious, and prolific was the gold buyer who let you send them your gold jewelry in an envelope. No contact name. No insurance. No guarantee. The buyer, whoever that was, would determine how much you would get for your gold. No conflict of interest there. I heard stories about people getting $50 for large 14Kt gold rings. It was sad to hear this.
It seems silly now but at the time many people bought into this farce. It seemed like a big company. They were on television. They had an official bag with a logo on it that you put the jewelry in. It was organized and they did pay. But at the end of the day it was a highly organized rip off machine. Buyer beware.

We Want To Be Part Of The Process

Let D.A.Kozma be part of the process. Let us give you quote on your gold jewelry, collectibles, coins and more. We are a reputable dealer who has been in business for decades. We are located in West Ocean City in the same shopping center as the Food Lion.

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