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  • Win Diamond Studs

    Express Yourself! Let D.A. Kozma Jewelers make your signature piece or just select a unique piece from our inventory. A beautiful piece of jewelry is a delight and will last you a life time. Your style will shine when you wear your jewelry from D.A. Kozma 

  • Purchase Service

    Purchase Service

    D.A. Kozma will buy your old unwanted jewelry for cash or help you make it into something new. We value your gold, platinum, or silver jewelry while you wait and purchase them at the best rate. Immediate payment or trade is the customer’s option.

  • Unique Affordable Quality

    Unique Affordable Quality

    D.A. Kozma Jewelers stocks a wide selection of diamond and gemstone jewelry for the discerning jewelry buyer. Our inventory reflects our desire to offer the most interesting jewelry for the most affordable price. D.A. Kozma makes owning a special piece of fine jewelry an affordable necessity.

  • Genuine Rare Variety

    Genuine Rare Variety

    Ocean City’s source for gold and silver jewelry accented with the world’s most colorful and unusual gemstones; D.A. Kozma Jeweler’s love for color and variety shines through in its vast selection of diamond and gemstone jewelry.

  • Knowledgeable and Dedicated Bench Jewelers

    Knowledgeable and Dedicated Bench Jewelers

    Creative custom work and reliable repair work represent the bench jewelry services offered at D.A. Kozma Ltd. Making and refurbishing jewelry has always been an important facet of our business

It is the new year!

Clean slate means fresh start.
Lots of people have sold off their old broken
and out of date jewelry. This is the year to renew
your collection. Create something special or check
out all the different types of jewelry we offer.
Our winter sale makes it easy.

Up to 50% off throughout the store.


About Us

D.A. Kozma Jewelers sells gold, diamond, gemstone, and silver jewelry. We are a full service jeweler who can make and repair a variety of jewelry. Valuating and buying precious metals in jewelry form, coins, flatware and hollowware is a specialty.

D.A. Kozma celebrates 35 years in business, serving the local and resort community of Ocean City, Maryland. We offer a unique collection of fine jewelry to the jewelry shopper seeking quality at a reasonable price and exceptional value. The quality of our merchandise and services has allowed D.A. Kozma Jewelers the luxury of a loyal clientele who come to us to make their special pieces, repair their love worn jewels, and even sell their outdated treasures for cash.

Our honest, friendly and knowledgeable staff take pride in helping every customer with their individual needs.

We invite you to come visit our page on Etsy.


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